JEEVANSH™  -   Child Heart Foundation and SBI FOUNDATION

We started our CSR partnership with SBI Foundation in July 2021 for our JEEVANSH® program, this program involves preventive healthcare, the pregnant women are offered free fetal echocardiography screening at our center to diagnose any underlying fetal heart abnormality

Child Heart Foundation and SBI FOUNDATION share the vision of improving and working towards the wellbeing of the underprivileged women and children. This project revitalises a community’s needs and bring them out of difficulty.

Project Summary

Under this project, CHF is offering

a) Fetal echocardiography screening to 800 pregnant women in 18-22 week of gestation
b) Medical counselling by a pediatric cardiologist after the diagnosis
c) Post-natal treatment of 4 infants diagnosed with congenital heart disease in 4 districts of New Delhi.
d) Awareness sessions on Early Detection of Heart Disease in Children and importance of Fetal Echocardiography to diagnose Fetal Heart defect with the health workers which includes ASHA and Anganwadi workers

The beneficiaries belong to underprivileged families and are referred for diagnosis from charitable hospitals, NGOs working with pregnant women, Government hospitals in Delhi NCR. Prominent hospitals include Safdarjung, AIIMS, LHMC, Aruna Asif Ali hospital and many more. These hospitals either don’t have the diagnosing facility or are over loaded with patients which many times delays the diagnosis and can prove fatal.
This improves the changes of survival after delivery of the babies with serious congenital heart disease.

Project Objectives

1. Conduct preventive fetal echocardiography screening of pregnant women hailing from marginalised backgrounds for any fetal cardiac abnormality.
2. Strengthen a robust referral system for patients to be referred from Government hospitals lacking the appropriate diagnostic setup.
3. Create awareness regarding congenital heart diseases and preventive check-ups in OPDs of select Government hospitals.
4. Facilitate post-natal treatment of infants diagnosed with congenital heart diseases

Impact and outcomes of the project

With the help of this project JEEVANSH, 177 beneficiaries helped till January.

Around 20 awareness programs held at Delhi with the health workers and pregnant women.

And post-natal treatment done of 1 infant who was diagnosed CHD in fetal stage 1.

Baby of Riti, a heart warrior

Fetal patient Ms. Riti in her pregnancy periods faced lots of complications. Riti with her husband visited various hospitals, in fact, one of the doctors had advised them to look for a Pediatric cardiologist online, but looking at the consulting charges, they could not go. Then someone referred CHF to them, during this process, they got to know about Dr. Vikas Kohli, and they immediately contacted him. After going through fetal echo test by Dr. Kohli the fetus was diagnosed with PDA. The couple was informed that the fetus has a heart condition. The team of CHF counselled the couple, advised her for good diet etc and explained the entire treatment process in detail and asked them to visit CHF soon after the delivery of the baby. Riti gave birth to baby boy after all the struggles. CHF had promised them of help after we registered the unborn baby in our financial assistance program

The estimated cost is Rs. 2,00,000. With the help of CHF, surgery was successfully done. Now the baby is healthy.

Patients and their families got the privilegedin choosing the right path for their unborn child. Patients benefitted due to proper medication and treatment. Post counselling process the patients feelsrelax and feel secure about the future plan for their unborn child. They felt confident, comfortable and treated equally. Few patients opened up with their struggling pregnancy loss, sometimes listening to someone also helps as a therapy to come out from tough situation. In CHF, Patients feels more satisfied when doctor offer continued support; continuity of care improves patient satisfaction. It allows many patients for faster medical or surgical interventions.

Receiving positive impact from social media.Even a little more effort can move us much higher up the results curve. We appreciate the trust of our funding partner and hopefully, through this project we can benefit more people and help us save many lives.

More than 20,000 underprivileged children for congenital heart defects has been screened in three locations namely – Delhi, Siliguri and Punjab || Approximately 8000 pregnant women have been screened in three locations namely – Delhi, Siliguri and Punjab || 99 children successfully underwent Heart Surgeries under CHF Hridaan ® Program || Approximately 1,00,000 people have participated in community awareness programs on Healthy Heart || 8 Children with Pulmonary Hypertension are provided life saving medicines at their doorsteps || 4 patients are receiving financial assistance for their cost of outstation travel to access follow up treatments || 75 Doctors from different parts of India have been trained to launch this program on Pan India Level in future || 18 active volunteers are providing 10,000 hours of voluntary service annually