We started our CSR partnership with RITES LTD on 23rd March 2022 for our HRIDYA SAKSHAMTM program.
Under this project, Child Heart Foundation has received a financial contribution from RITES LTD for the procurement of 03 echocardiography machines and training of doctors in select government hospitals in Delhi under RITES CSR plan 21-22. Beneficiaries under this project are children from economically weaker sections of society who will be able to access free diagnosis and further treatment for CHD (congenital heart disease) in a Government set up. The age group is from 0-18 years.

B. Treatment of infants:
1. Diagnose early child heart disease (CHD), appropriate treatment of CHD with Internationally acceptable mortality and morbidity

2. Pediatric cardiac treatment should be within reach of every child irrespective of their financial status or their educational status of parents, gender, caste, religion, or social and economic background

3. To provide financial assistance to children from underprivileged families who cannot afford treatment/ surgeries. Thus, they can’t approach private hospitals since the cost is exorbitant and in govt. hospitals, they have to wait for months, years for their turns and treatment which could be fatal for a child’s health.

4. To have regional Pediatric Cardiac Centers in all states where economically challenged patients can freely treated.

Project Goal:
To make three Government hospitals in Delhi self-sustainable in pediatric cardiology disease management.
Project Objectives
a) To install echocardiography machines in the hospitals.
b) To train two resident doctors in each hospital in echocardiography.
c) To hand hold the trainees over a period of one year in carrying out echo diagnosis of OPD/IPD/NICU and SNICU patients

Progress towards achievement of strategic objectives:
1. Three echo machines were installed in three Govt hospitals, Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital, Kasturba Hospital and Lal Bahadur Shastri hospital.

2. Dr. Vikas Kohli, Pediatric Cardiologist and founder/trustee of Child Heart Foundation has started first level of training We have created a Whatsapp group with all the doctors and the drop box login is shared. All the study material for first level has been shared with the trainees. From the month of April, all the 6 doctors have started their 3-level practical training under the guidance of Dr. Vikas Kohli.
Our approach will definitely help in bringing the child mortality under age 5 years down if taken up in a large scale at the national level.

More than 20,000 underprivileged children for congenital heart defects has been screened in three locations namely – Delhi, Siliguri and Punjab || Approximately 8000 pregnant women have been screened in three locations namely – Delhi, Siliguri and Punjab || 99 children successfully underwent Heart Surgeries under CHF Hridaan ® Program || Approximately 1,00,000 people have participated in community awareness programs on Healthy Heart || 8 Children with Pulmonary Hypertension are provided life saving medicines at their doorsteps || 4 patients are receiving financial assistance for their cost of outstation travel to access follow up treatments || 75 Doctors from different parts of India have been trained to launch this program on Pan India Level in future || 18 active volunteers are providing 10,000 hours of voluntary service annually