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Child Heart Foundation is registered under Indian Trust Act,1882

Date of registration 7th January 2013.
Registration no 18,Book No 4, Vol No 17.
Place of registration New Delhi.
12A DEL-CR22736-18032013.
80G DEL-CE24542-18032013.
Guide Star No 8537.

About Child Heart Foundation

Child Heart Foundation is built for helping children with heart defects born in underprivileged families. Our focus is to help the families who are indigent or needy and can’t meet the financial requirements for heart surgery or intervention.

CHF was started with an idea by parents who have been through similar situations and have gotten over with their tough part of life and now want to contribute to the underprivileged families.

It was founded by 7 parents whose children have already been treated along with Dr. Vikas Kohli. The NGO got formally listed in January 2013. The organisation had been helping several children with their evaluation, treatment and management since last 5 years.

Our Vision

Early diagnosis of child heart disease (CHD) in India, appropriate treatment of CHD with Internationally acceptable mortality and morbidity.

Pediatric cardiac treatment should be within reach of every child irrespective of their financial status or their educational status of parents, gender, caste, religion or social and economic background.

To have regional Pediatric Cardiac Centers in all states where economically challenged patients can seek best of treatment and free of cost.

Our Mission

To treat each and every child with heart disease.

To uplift Paediatric Cardiology through technological and scientific advancement to achieve international standards of care.

Sharing the knowledge of Paediatric Cardiology amongst Medical Community to improve awareness and early diagnosis.

To educate the next generation of leaders in child health and define and cascade steps for pediatric cardiac centers in all the cities of India which works specifically for under privileged people.

Becoming a helping hand for the Government bodies for the treatment of marginalised children born with CHD.

Create social awareness and generate philanthropy for these children.