Name: Fareed.

Age: 3 Years.

Diseases: Tetralogy of Fallot.

Surgery Cost: ₹ 4 Lakh .

Fareed is a 3 years old boy. He is the son of Mohd. Asmatullah who is comes from lower middle-class family. After the birth of Fareed, the family was in festive mood. When Fareed became 2 years old, he started falling ill regularly. Family thought it is Pneumonia but when they observed closely, they were shocked to see blueish lips and other parts of the body of Fareed. They immediately contacted Dr. Vikas Kohli leading Pediatric Cardiologist in New Delhi. After having echo doctor told them Fareed is having Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) and the estimated cost of the surgery is 4 Lakh rupees.

Fareed's father is not able to feed his family properly from his salary which falls short as their monthly expenditures are more. Thinking of collecting so much money for his son's heart surgery is a nightmare to him. Fareed's mother is all the time praying to Allah to send sometime who can help Fareed get operated. You can help Fareed which will give relief to the whole family as the family is feeling helpless and frustrated.

"Child Heart Foundation requests everyone to help Fareed get operated as soon as possible. Any help to this needed family will be appreciated. "

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