Name: Sourish.

Age: 1.5 Years.

Diseases: Double Inlet Single Left Ventricle.

Surgery Cost: ₹ 3.5 Lakhs.

Sourish Kaushik a 1.5 years old boy, son of Poonam Kaushik is diagnosed with double inlet single left ventricle for which the treatment cost is estimated to be Rs. 3.5 Lakhs. Sourish is getting heart treatment from a long time. He used to turn red while running in playing. His body would stiffen up and start breathing heavily during travelling or doing some physical activity.

Sourish was taken to the doctor because of showing of these signs as she doubts kids having hole in heart use to show such signs. The doctors told his parents that his heart’s structure is not appropriate which required them to do three heart surgeries in which one surgery is required urgently. With the combined efforts of his doctors, friends and relatives the money required to do initial surgery was collected and a PA band was inserted to improve blood circulation in his body.

Doctors are now saying to do another heart surgery which will be an open-heart surgery called as GLENN procedure said his mother Poonam. She also tells that Sourish is only consuming blended food from the last 13 months and his weight is also not gaining as required. She says that second heart surgery is the only option left before us which required three lakhs and fifty thousand rupees.

"Help Sourish live long by contributing whatever you can. He needed this second heart surgery couple of months back but because of family condition he couldn’t have surgery. His mother tried for this second heart surgery in several charitable hospitals but none is willing to do because this involves risk. With your help and support Sourish can again live a normal life so donate for Sourish."

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