Name: Nisha Kumari.

Age: 5 Years.

Diseases: ASD(Large Atrial Septal Defect).

Surgery Cost: ₹ 3 Lakhs.

Nisha Kumari, 5 years old girl child, is suffering from a life-threatening heart defect. She is evaluated and found to have ASD (Large Atrial Septal Defect). Her father Lalan Rai is a tailor in Seelampur, New Delhi sewing clothes of children. There are 2 more sisters of Nisha in the family Manisha Kumari and Neha Kumari. So it is hard for her father to run the family from his monthly earning.

Nisha is now 5 years old. The problem is that whenever fever comes to Nisha, she use to feel breathlessness, her breathe starts running fast and she faints up from a last six months. Once she fell very ill and her father use to take her to the nearby hospital Chanda Devi where the doctor suspected that she is having heart problem which is causing frequent illness to her. The attending doctor suggested her father to show her leading pediatric cardiologist Dr. Vikas Kohli. They came here on Thursday when every week free OPD is being takes place for children with congenital heart disease born in underprivileged family.

"Nisha was diagnosed with ASD which costs 3 Lakhs Rupees to fully recover. Doctor has suggested surgery for her to return to normal life. Seeing the family condition Nisha was registered with the Child Heart Foundation an NGO which works for children suffering with congenital heart disease and raises funds for their treatment. We seek your help and support to save daughter of Lalan Rai. Any contribution will immensely help the family."

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