Volunteer Engagement Program

Need to Start?

The Child Heart Foundations Volunteer Engagement Program aims at empowering adolescent and youth volunteers to become ambassadors of social change and ensuring volunteering remains that the core values of Child Heart Foundation. Students and working professional sign up for volunteering specific number of hours with Child Heart Foundation. The minimum commitment to enrol under this program comprises of 50 hours. The roles and responsibilities of volunteers are as follows:-

  1. Content Writing

    • Developing powerful content for social media post / Blog.
    • Developing content for monthly newsletter.

  2. Photographic and Video Documentation

    • Taking photos and videos of the beneficiaries.
    • Submitting the photos and videos in a format which can be easily updated on social media.
    • Creating a short film/ collage from photos and videos.

  3. Social Media

    • Driving awareness of the blog/ Facebook page into forums and groups for wider visibility.
    • Increasing the engagement of the Social Media Team and working in synergy with content writing and photographic/ video documentation team.

  4. Community / NGO Outreach

    • Collecting data pertaining the population details of different slums and resettlement colonies.
    • Identifying and contacting NGOs and inviting them to participate in different programmes of Child Heart Foundation.

  5. Awareness for Healthy Hearts

    • Identifying and contacting schools, colleges and coworking places.
    • Coordinating awareness programmes in schools, colleges, co working spaces and corporates.
    • Initiating an awareness programme in your own school / college and working closely with the program team on the proposal.

Who are these Volunteers?

College Students and Working Professionals