Petition Causes

Child Heart Foundation advocates and campaigns for change to realize children's needs and to ensure that they are heard. “Our advocacy initiatives that work to make a positive and sustainable change to the lives of millions of marginalized children across India. Our advocacy encompasses research and policy analysis, lobbying, communications and public campaigning. In different situations, our advocacy can be focused on securing formal policy changes, driving implementation of existing policies or creating an environment for change. We are trying our best in planning advocacy initiatives, we make a strong case for pro-child health and insurance policies. We advocate to influence the policies and actions of governments, parliamentarians, journalists, academicians, institutions, the private sector and the community at large, in order to achieve positive changes in children’s lives.

In near future, will be taking up lot of issues related to child health and welfare.

Total Rs. 874130 sponsored for surgeries. || Surgeries sponsored : 39 || Free Pediatric Echo’s : 7263 || Health Camp :1, Patients benefited from health Camp: 284 || Total Health Talks : 25 || More than 39 surgeries funded through CHF HRIDAAN™ || More than 10000 children reached through PRADAAN™ Program || More than 5000 fetal echos carried out through JEEVANSH™ program || More than 5500 people reached through SUGYAAN™ program || More than 06 patients availing our financial assistance through PH Life Care