Need to Start?

Keeping the fact that most of the congenital heart patients require treatment in first year of their life, poor parents find it impossible to raise funds for treatment which can run into lakhs. They end up losing their children as the waiting period at Government hospitals is too long. We enrol the children who are diagnosed with any congenital disease and are belong to families of financially weaker section at Delhi Child Heart Center into our Child Heart Foundation and raise funds for their free treatment.

How we Work?

How we Work?

  1. Free OPD on Thursdays
    Step 1:
    Free OPD on Thursdays
  2. time-line
    Step 2:
    Registration process under HriDAAN
    Register Now
  3. time-line
    Step 3:
    Process of Registration involves scrutiny and verification of submitted documents.
  4. Consent of family for Photos & videos taken
    Step 4:
    Consent of family for Photos & videos is required.
  5. Referal & estimate letter from a doctor.
    Step 5:
    Referral & estimate letter from the consulting paediatric cardiologist
  6. Fund raised for the child
    Step 6:
    Child is registered and Funds are raised for surgery and intervention.
  7. Surgery/ Intervention
    Step 7:
    Surgery/ Intervention.

Who are the Patients?

Poor parents who get a new lease of life on seeing their children getting back to normal life after the successful treatment.

Few of the smiling hearts under CHF Hridaan™: