Page 1 - Annual-Report-17-18 Second Quarter
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Volume 2 | July-Oct 2018

                                     Newsletter July-October 2018

                   CHILD HEART FOUNDATION is built for helping children with heart defects born in
                   underprivileged families. Our focus is to help the families who are indigent or needy and can’t
                   meet the financial requirements for heart surgery or intervention

                     Shalu's life saved through HriDAAN PROGRAM

                                                                         12    year   old   Shalu   faced
                                                                         breathlessness,  fatigue  and  lack  of
                                                                         appetite.  Finally  she  was  detected
                                                                         with  large  ASD  and  the  estimated
                                                                         cost of surgery was 3 lakhs. Family
                                                                         felt  helpless  and  were  sure  to  lose
                                                                         their  child.  They  came  to  know
                                                                         about   us   and    Child   Heart
                                                                         Foundation  got  her  surgery  funded
                                                                         and  she  is  growing  up  healthy  and

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