Name: Raghav.

Age: 11 months old.

Diseases: Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA).

Surgery Cost: ₹ 1,80,000.00.

Raghav is a young toddler, who is not even a year old. This young boy brought all the joy for his parents when they became parents for the second time. Raghav is Neeraj and preeti's second child. Soon their happiness turned into dismay when they were informed that their child has a hole in his heart.

Raghav looked all fine when he was born, but soon after he turned three months old his parents started observing that their experience serious breathing problems and other health issues. When they consulted doctors they got to know that their child is born with a moderate PDA, which means he has a hole in his heart. However doctors recommended that the hole is small and might get filled automatically. After six months when they constanted doctors again, they were shocked to know that the hole which is of size of a pee has gotten wider.

Raghav is recommended an immediate PDA Closure otherwise his condition would get critical. The cost of surgery is estimated around INR 1,80,000.

Raghav's father Neeraj works as a tank cleaner in a society, but he recently lost his job because of protecting his child. His mother cooks in various houses to maintain her family’s living. They live in a small town of U.P. He also has an elder school going sibling. His parents Already have a lot of responsibilities to meet. All what they earn get spent on Raghav’s medicines. Arranging funds for his surgery has become now impossible for them.

"Child heart foundation is working for collecting funds for this young child's treatment. Let us come together and donate all what we can. Save Raghav."

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