Name: Divyanshi.

Age: 1.5 year old.

Diseases: Atrial Septal Defects (ASD).

Surgery Cost: ₹ 4,70,000.00.

Divyanshi, a 1.5 year old girl, holds up the load of pain every day and it is getting multiplied with each passing day. The poor little child has no idea that what misfortune has happened to her family, but she definitely feels the pain. Every child weeps in this tender age, and those cries are too marked as one of the most prestigious part of parenting. But Divyanshi’s painful cries narrate her suffering, which just breaks her parents hearts.

Divyanshi was born with ASD, which is a congenital heart defect. She is recommended to be operated as soon as possible, as her heart is giving up with passing days. She also suffers from Down’s syndrome.

Her father Yogesh Raghav, earns INR 7,000 per month and her estimated cost is INR 4,70,000. Her parents are working out their best to give her required medications. Having said that Divyanshi's parents losing hope..

"Let us come forward and save this child. She deserves a fair chance to live a normal life."

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