Name: Yuvaan.

Age: 2 years old.

Diseases: Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD).

Surgery Cost: ₹ 3,00,000.00.

Yuvaan is a two year old cute child. Geeta and Ram, his parents shower all their love and affection on this bundle of joy. Ever since he was born, he has been suffering from bouts of cold, fever and Pneumonia, which makes it difficult to breath, and later he was diagnosed with Hernia. After recovering from this, his cold and breathing difficulty continued and on further investigations, he got diagnosed with VSD (Ventricular septal defect), which means he has a hole in his heart. And for that he is recommended am immediate surgery.

In a very short period of time,Yuvaan had a lot of health issues. His parents are doing best to provide everything but this immediate heart surgery costs around INR 3,00,000, that is a huge amount for them to arrange. Yuvaan is getting weaker day by day. His heart is giving up! And this is killing his parents every day.

"His parents were recommended to child heart foundation and we are doing best to raise funds, but time is flying and that is causing a lot of anxiety and worry to his family. We request you all to come forward and save this child."

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