Need to Start?

In India, we still strive to spread awareness towards, Congenital Heart Diseases in children.
It can be estimated that there are less than 50 centers in India with the capability of infant and neonatel cardiac service with a minimum annual caseload of 200 operations. The majority of these are a part of “for-profit institutions” and fewer than 10 of these are in the government sector.
People such as labourers, Hawkers, daily wagers have hardly enough money to visit a doctor or have any general information about a child having a heart ailment.
Some of them even ignore the symptoms, and ultimately a life is always at risk. With idea of saving every little life through our little efforts started at Child Heart Foundation, Free OPD and consultation program on every Thursday in our Delhi Child Heart Centre.
In this program, parents who based on symptoms suspecting heart ailment in their children or who are referred by some physician come for free consultations.

How we Work?

To increase the existing condition of Pediatric care, the Child Heart Foundation initiated its Weekly OPD Program at its registered office at South Delhi in partnership with various government hospitals of Delhi and whenever, the Child Heart Foundation came across with families facing financial crunch, the family gets registered.
The process of registration is duly followed with proof of income and referral letter from a doctor and after undergoing cardiac evaluation and recommendations. Once a family is confirmed to be in need financialhelp, they are rostered. CHF next start looking out for avenues to garner resources and thereby support the families.

Who are the Beneficiaries?

Parents who are economically poor and cannot afford to go to corporate hospitals and also parents who have to wait for days for consultations in Government hospitals because of excess patient load.