Name: kartik.

Age: 7 months old.

Diseases: Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD).

Surgery Cost: ₹ 3,00,000.00

Kartik is a seven months old baby who has just entered in this world. This child brought a lot of happiness into his parents world. But their happiness was not long lived when they got to know about his health. Kartik’s mother Manisha confessed that she is constantly living under the fear of losing his child due to his severe heart condition. Her small baby has been struggling to breathe normally. 7-month-old Kartik’s pain is due to a large and deadly hole in his heart which could prove to be fatal soon if he doesn’t undergo an urgent heart surgery.

A large hole in Kartik’s heart, also known as a ventricular septal defect (VSD), doesn’t allow his body to get enough oxygen, which is why he breathes rapidly for more oxygen. In no time, his heart will only get weaker and be at high risk of complete failure. Besides this Kartik also finds it difficult to breastfeed due to which his weight is just two-thirds of an average 7 month’s baby’s weight He is recommended an immediate heart surgery estimated around INR 3,00,000. Kartik cannot live long without a corrective heart surgery in the next few weeks. His father, Sharvesh, is a cab driver and earns just about Rs. 10,000 every month and manages his family of four. Till now they have already taken loan of 57,000 and are now unable to afford the cost of their child’s surgery.

"Child heart foundation is making all the attempts to save this child. We are working to gather funds for this little infant's operation. Take a step forward and save this young child’s life. Save Kartik! "

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